Open Wonderland

JFugue Editor

The JFugue Editor can be used for composing and playing music in OWL.

For the music notation, JFugue is used. Music is played using the MIDI sequencer on the client, separately from the OWL sound system.

If you want to have examples of some JFugue compositions, you can check the Jammidi site.

Version 1.0.0 - April 14, 2011

- Enter a JFugue music string in an editor that can be used in OWL.
- HUD control panel.
- Play MIDI for the complete music string or only the selected part of the music string.
- Mute when entering a Cone of Silence.
- When the 'Play'-button is pressed, the music string is displayed on the other clients.

- OWL 0.5
- JFugue 4.1